We have for your business excellent fruits from the Michoacán region, we grow our own fruits and also work Certified Growers to offer always quality products.

Michoacán is a state recognized for its fruits with great flavor and quality. You are welcome to know our fields.


We chose the Papaya variety Intenza, because this hybrid apart from having consistent Bricks degrees (level of sweetness) and a light pulp of easy digestion has a longer shelf life.


We can offer this delicious fruit in the following varieties; Ataulfo, Haden, Kent and Tommy Atkins, with availability according to the temporality of the fruit.


We are a young company that markets and grows fruits from the Michoacan region, we also work with certified growers to ensure always quality fruits.
We put great attention over packing and shipping to meets the needs of our national and foreing clients.

Our fields are located in the Fertil region of Michoacan, a state that is recognized for producing fruits of great flavor and quality, they are always open to know where and how the delicious fruits we sell grow.

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